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That means 1. Set your intention β€” what do you want?

October 28 Scorpio Personality

Take inspired action β€” follow up your intention with practical action. If you can work towards it, you can achieve it… Again, you can apply this to anyone and anything. Share this:. My new book is here! Out in October Weekly newsletter.

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Yasmin Boland. Search Search for:. October 28th Horoscope Summation The probabilities of all Scorpio personalities are imagined to be astrologically sourced and influenced by the planet Pluto. Horoscope Birthday Horoscope for next October Dates. Birthday Horoscope October 29th Birthday Horoscope October 29th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 29th. Birthday Horoscope October 30th Birthday Horoscope October 30th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 30th.

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Birthday Horoscope October 31st Birthday Horoscope October 31st, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 31st. Birthday Horoscope October 1st Birthday Horoscope October 1st, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 1st.

Birthday Horoscope October 2nd Birthday Horoscope October 2nd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 2nd. Birthday Horoscope October 3rd Birthday Horoscope October 3rd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 3rd. Birthday Horoscope October 4th Birthday Horoscope October 4th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 4th. Birthday Horoscope October 5th Birthday Horoscope October 5th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 5th.

Comments: October Horoscope Scorpio. Karla Oh,wow! Hey all Oct 28th Scorps!!!!

I love reading about myself, I have fallen deeper in love with myself!!! We don't take no mess!! Melyssa Gomez I just read my biography. Shiz I adore Scorpios, the most intense and loving souls out there with whom I have such deep connections I'm a Cancer with a Scorpio rising so I'm not surprised about the connection part. In the end I married an Aquarius but I'll never forget the passion of a Scorpio ;. Hazel This is so accurate.. Zee You are one year younger than me. Kimie You are exactly 13 years older than me.

Rudra Sen A brief description describing the differences from the people of the first deccan as well as the rest of the scorpios would have been given a better taste to the article,Thanks anyways. I love finding other people who are Scorpios. Other people just don't understand how we can see thru other people's bull a mile before they get there or how I can say what's going on with a group in less than a minute. It's like You dont just hear what people say, you watch how they say it, what they do when they say it, and what others are doing when they say it.

Most people don't pay attention to that stuff but as Scorpios Its so nice to have people you can relate that stuff to!!! Jim Hammer I am a Scorpio I am 54 you are a younger woman. I am very intelligent and have a very deep voice.

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Prateek Hello my incredible scorpio friends! This thing is so true, OMG I am blunt and honest. Heke Ringu Honesty is the best policy Anthony Turned out someone was watching me after all Abhiyansh Raj I am very intelligent just like bill gates. That One Handsome Guy Aye! Pretty much sums me up! Biggest life goal is actually finding that special someone They are unafraid of the "dark" side of life and are often interested in esoteric religion, the mystical, and the occult. In their search for what's real and authentic, they will sacrifice almost anything. Their magnetism is raw, unwavering, and seductive.

Some are self-sacrificing healers, while others have a God complex and are cunning and manipulative in seeking power and control over others. However, all have a mysterious nature that draws people to them. The second decan of Scorpio is represented in a Tarot deck by the Six of Cups. The keywords are forgiveness, peace, and harmony.

Those born during the last ten days of the Sun's passage through Scorpio have emotional integrity, trust every feeling they have, and are seldom willing to compromise.

October 28 Scorpio Mini Series

They can be self-sacrificing and take care of people they're close to, but they also have sensitive natures and are easily hurt. Though they won't openly show the pain, they'll never forget and when the time is right, they'll take their revenge. If the Moon is challenged, it's not uncommon for them to bury their emotions and feel lost, lonely, and abandoned. If the Moon is well placed, the painful emotions are easier to access and examine, allowing them to find forgiveness and acceptance for both themselves and others.

They have the potential to be sensitive do-gooders who can speak or write with incredible force and compassionate eloquence, plus have they a unique, charismatic charm that makes them very effective when they are working with a group or for something in which they believe. The third decan of Scorpio is represented in a tarot deck by the Seven of Cups.

October 28 Scorpios

Keywords are soul searching, finding out where you fit in, and self-examination. A progressed chart is an extension of your birth chart. Often referred to as personal transits, the slow-moving progressions show your inner growth and evolution over the years. All the planets and points in a birth chart progress. A day equals a year is shown in Solar Arc progressions where the Sun moves forward one degree for each year from the day of your birth.

If you were born with the Sun on any later degree, you subtract that degree from thirty to determine how old you were or will be when your Sun first progresses into a new sign.